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About Me

My name is Mr. Kenny Rindlisbacher (Mr. R). I live with my wife Laura and our children here in the Valley area. This is my 14th year at Valley School and my 27th year teaching. I am very excited about teaching and about our school. We enjoy living in this beautiful area and being involved in the school and community. I served a two year mission to Argentina and learned the Spanish language and a love for the Argentine people. I graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelors of Arts in Elementary Education. I later received my master’s degree through City University in Educational Technology. I served two years as lead teacher at a K-8 school. I have taught the majority of my years in some form or another of 5th grade and thoroughly enjoy this age. I also advise our Jr. ASB. This is a group of peer elected students in grades 3-5. We meet weekly to learn leadership skills and to plan and carry out activities for Valley School students that motivate students to want to come to school.


Welcome to the 2018-19 school year! 5th graders are at an amazing age. They are capable of so many things that we are able to review, learn, explore, and sometimes play with all subjects. I hope this year is a great year for the students and families. I have been using Facebook as a communication tool for a few years and find it a wonderful way to keep in contact. If you haven't, look me up and request to join our private Mr. R's 5th grade Valley School group.



Subject Link Notes
Art 1Valley School Student Survey - Spring 2019
Art Google KidzSearch
Language Arts Spelling and Math register first with class code of rind5
Language Arts Spelling City - practice spelling words Type in your spelling words then let the website test you
Language Arts Synonym/Antonym Finder Find other words for your writing
Language Arts Word Building Game Synonymn, Antonymn, Homophones
Language Arts Wordle - Create Collage of words from text
Math Arcademics - Math and other learning games. Try it! Go to your grade level to play
Math - Practice or learn any math skill! Learn about any math topic then do some activities to practice.
Math Study Jams - Great Lessons Lots of topics to explore
Music Incredibox Create rhythm and sounds with Avitars
Music Nature Sounds
Other Quandry Log in
Other 2018 School Climate Survey
Other Discovery Ed Videos and media Site See Mr. R. for username and password
Other Gallup Poll Fall 2017
Other How stuff works a site to see how things work
Other Library Search and Destiny Quest Use to search Valley School Library
Other Microsoft
Other Problem solving fun
Other Quandry Intro Survey Click here to take the first Quandry survey (4th and 5th grade only)
Other Quandry POST Survey click for ending survey
Other Shepphards Software - lots of games
Other Variety: Purpose Games play and create games
Problem Solving Activities Geo Guesser Guess where you are based on this Google map picture. Lots of fun!
Reading AR/Star Testing
Science 5 Classes of Vertebrates
Science Animal Classes
Science Animal Classes-sheppard software
Science Animal Classification and Taxonomy site
Science Animal Classification and Taxonomy
Science Chemistry-Atomic Structure
Science Chemistry-Interactive periodic table of elements Some videos and examples of elements.
Science Climate Challenge Games and activities
Science Olympic - Physics videos Excellent videos to learn physics
Science Study Jams - Great Lessons learn then test your knowledge
Science USGS Educational Videos and Animations videos of animals and other science topics
Social Studies #1-50 States Game This is the quickest. easiest game to learn and practice the states
Social Studies #2-50 States Quiz Do your best.
Social Studies #3-50 states question answer A little more difficult.
Social Studies #4-50 States Practice No help here, you better know the states
Social Studies #6-State Test This is tough. You have to spell the name of the state to get it on the map
Social Studies #7-Practice the Capitals
Social Studies Civil War Biographies
Social Studies Current state information Great for up to date state info
Social Studies List of Average Rainfall by state For US Region study
Social Studies State Research - NetState click on a state and get tons of info
Social Studies State Research Site-Duckster Easy to read lists.
Social Studies State Research Site-Fact Monster You may have to close advertisements. Great history. End has famous people.
Social Studies State Research Site-National Geographic National Geographic for kids
Social Studies State Symbols All kinds of state symbols
Social Studies U.S. Population by State US State Region study
Social Studies USA: Average Precipitation and Temperature For US Region study